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In the spirit of providing drivers with "the best or nothing", we're proud to introduce mbrace2, the second generation of connected, in-vehicle services from Mercedes-Benz. Offering perhaps the most comprehensive capabilities of any telematics system on the road, mbrace2 brings together pioneering safety, customized infotainment, vehicle care and personal assistance in a technology suite seamlessly integrated into our automobiles - and accessible by computer and compatible smartphone.
All-season competence. All-road confidence.
4MATIC All-wheel Drive

From a menacing winter storm to a challenging corner, 4MATIC all-wheel drive makes the most of available traction by precisely engaging all four wheels. More than letting all four tires do the work equally, 4MATIC features a number of advanced, and quick-thinking innovations to empower each wheel individually as conditions change. So whether you're starting out on a slippery patch, encountering a sudden change in the weather, or even rounding a dry curve, 4MATIC helps you put your best foot forward. 4MATIC is far more than an all-wheel drive mechanism added to a two-wheel drive vehicle. It's fully integrated not just with the drivetrain but the many safety and driving assistance systems of a Mercedes-Benz. Under normal conditions, the compact, lightweight system channels the engine's torque to the front and rear wheels through a center differential, for sporty balance and agile handling.
  • Greater control, gripping results
  • Changing seasons, challenging roads
  • An all-wheel drive legacy
  • Each wheel fully engaged, every element fully integrated.
  • Dynamic and

    The future of
    Capable of recognizing and using a driver's hand movements to create a custom virtual dashboard -- complete with live feed from their social network -- the Mercedes-Benz DICE (Dynamic & Intuitive Control Experience) concept represents our commitment to the kind of innovation that answers and even anticipates drivers' needs.
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